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R Programming

R programming has become one of the best data analytics tools especially when it comes for visual analytics. A great community contribution makes it easier to learn, use and share for the effective visualization. It is imperative to say that proper visualization is a very important factor for data scientists…

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Data Transformation is one of the key aspects of working for business data analysis, data science or even for the pre-work of artificial intelligence. In this exercise we will see how to transform data in R. R is an open-sourced programming language for statistical computing and machine learning supported by…

Your innovative idea may come from a detail exploration of your data. Most of the cases that data will contain both continuous and categorical variables. You will need to find explainable pattern from this. …

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This article is about hands-on Cluster Analysis (an Unsupervised Machine Learning) in R with the popular ‘Iris’ data set.

Let’s brush up some concepts from Wikipedia

Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience. It is seen as a subset of Artificial Intelligence. …

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